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Plus, you'll require to clean up the sprayer when you're done. This technique requires one of the most ability. You can also use a paint roller in combination with the brush to get a respectable finish. The brush would be utilized to get into tight corners and the roller would be utilized to produce a rather smooth surface on the bigger surfaces.

Ideally, you would utilize a paint sprayer to paint everything. But, when you are living in your home (or your consumer is residing in the house) you might consider using a roller/brush on the cabinet boxes and utilizing a paint sprayer on the cabinet doors. The cabinets will be filled with things, and you'll need to mask whatever off truly well.

For me, this additional work wasn't worth it, and the roller/paint brush combination still gives a quality finish. Watch the video above for more detail on this process. Take a screwdriver or a drill and eliminate all of the hinges and any other hardware connected to the cabinets. The doors and drawers will be painted in another location, like the garage.

Then, return over everything and utilize a degreaser. This step is necessary unless you do not mind your paint peeling off. I generally utilize 180 grit sandpaper, but this doesn't really matter much considering that the surface area will be painted. Anything between 120 and 220 will work just great. This is the most time consuming part, but an orbital sander it will make the job go much quicker.

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Make sure you get the edges well because these surfaces will see the most use. Initially, vacuum the area to get most of the dust you produced while sanding. Then clean the cabinets down with a damp cloth. Grab your masking tape and tape off walls, floorings, counter tops, and shelves within cabinets - Cabinet Painters 28208.

You'll need some racks to set the doors and drawers on while they dry. Watch the video above to see what I imply. Use a coat of high quality primer to all surfaces of the cabinets. The primer will assist the paint stay with the surface much better, offering you a longer enduring surface and it will decrease the amount of paint you require.

Let the guide dry according to the label on the primer you are utilizing. As soon as the primer is dry, it's time to start painting! Use an even coat of paint utilizing whichever technique you decide to use (ideally a paint sprayer) (Cabinet Painting Contractors 28205). Don't put it on too thick or you might have drips or other acnes in the paint.

Let the paint dry according to the application guidelines on the paint can before applying a 2nd coat (Cabinet Painting Contractors 28277). You might be asking, do I truly require a 2nd coat? YES! I don't care how great the paint is that you are using, what they say on the current paint commercial, or how well you use the very first coat.

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2 thin coats will always have a much better surface and better protection than one thick coat. So stop losing time trying to cut corners and simply strategy on doing a second coat. Cabinet Painting 28210. Prior to connecting hardware, let the cabinets dry for at least 24 hrs so the paint has an opportunity to harden (preferably even longer).

( These are affiliate links and I get a little commission if you click and buy through the link. This doesn't cost you anything additional and helps support this blog.) These will help speed up the task, but are not necessary. This is a question that I battled with and did a great deal of research on.

After my research study and experience, I highly suggest the Benjamin Moore Aura Semi-Gloss paint. It's not cheap (I think I paid like $50/gallon) but you don't need much paint. I just used a single gallon for all of my cabinets. This is an excellent paint due to the fact that it's long lasting, it provides a smooth surface, and is easy to work with.

Obviously, there are lots of other high quality paints out there, but I absolutely advise going high-end. You won't wish to repaint your cabinets 2 years down the road due to the fact that you used a cheap paint. Now, a great deal of expert painters out there will use Solvent-Based paints. That's due to the fact that of their exceptional resilience and surface.

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# 1 your house will smell like chemicals for days or perhaps weeks, to the point you would not even wish to remain there. # 2 These paints are a bitch to tidy up. You require to clean everything with mineral spirits or paint thinner. # 3 It's challenging to patch solvent-based paint (Cabinet Painters 28205). Unlike water based paint, you can't simply easily paint over chips or scratches in the future.

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